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Condividi (Share) is the second self produced release from singer songwriter Alessio Pistilli.

The album delivers a clear and universal message to invite us to share the artist’s music but also to share the importance of collaboration and contamination in art during an unfortunate socio economic period.

The album has a fresh, light and engaging pop flavour, full of colourful melodies and lyrics. Each song has its own world and character defined through the precise and unforgettable riffs and orchestral movements that give it a typically british flavour and appears to go against the norm for conventional presentations. A magic box (20cm x 20cm original for the Italian market) full of colours, smiles and emotions that project a new way of making music.

Edited by Giovanni Valle Edizioni musicali, the album is the result of a crowdfunding based project and created through the mix and contamination of different realities. Starting from the 64 co-producers and 6 sponsors who signed up to the idea and culminating with collaborations with artists such as singer-songwriter Pino Marino from Rome, the famous Spanish singer Manuel Lombo, the interpreter Noemi Paglino, the trio Cardiopoetica, the 35 strong orchestra of Ensemble Allegro con Brio, rapper Jeis and 10 artists including photographers, painters, illustrators and videomakers who all represented their work within the 12 songs within the magic box.

Some of the songs within the album were co-written with Andrea Giovani Sorge. Composed by Alessio and arranged by himself as singer songwriter alongside his friend Leonardo Caucci Molara. Leonardo has been an intergral part of the project in completing the mixing. 

Singing and playing on the album are Alessio Pistilli (acoustic guitar, vocals and chorus), Leonardo Caucci Molara (Keyboard, hammond, piano, Wurlitzer, moog, slide guitar, chorus). Laura Zaottini (violin), Luca Viani (electric guitar), Dario Carlesso (bass) and Vittorio De Angelis (drums). Other collaborations contained within the album include Alessandro Clementoni (ukulele) and Tino Van Der Sman (classical guitar). 

The album was recorded at the studios of Condonomio dell’Arte of Cori by Leonardo Caucci Molara. The photography was taken by Roberto Coluzzi.


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Vendesi o Cercasi? (For Sale or wanted?) is the debut album by Alessio Pistilli, Italian singer songwriter from Pontino.

The album is an awakening of awareness, a journey to be shared. It speaks in an explicit and vivid way of modern day man and the daily fatigue of living whilst searching for the impulses that lie within his heart. Emotions and morals fill the album with love present in songs like “Accanto a te” (beside you), “Ovunque” (everywhere) and friendship within “Amico mio Nemico” (My frenemy) followed by the passion of “Artista incompreso” (Misunderstood artist) and the search for truth within “Stanco” (tired) and “Verita nascosta” (hidden truth) ending with the loyalty within “Storie” (histories). Everything is summarised, albeit ironically, within the song from which the album takes it title, “AAA Vendsei o Cercasi?” (For sale of Wanted?)

The record was self produced, written, composed and arranged by Alessio Pistilli with many important musicians taking part within the recordings. Riccardo Nardocci (electric guitar, bass), Claudio di Meo (Keyboards and some piano sections), Carlo Vittori (some piano and accordion sections), Leonardo Caucci Molara (piano, Hammond, moog) and Andrea Arena (bass in some songs).

Recorded at the NR Studio of Cori by Riccardo Nardocci and the photography was taken by young Francesca Cucchiarelli.

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