"Quindie Festival Music"

On 23th April Alessio and his musicians will play in Perugia at Punto Live's Pub. "Quindie" is a music Festival that enhances the songwriting music. Thank you Mr Matteo Svolacchia for your help!

New concert! 2020

Alessio and his musicians will be in Latina on 28th February at Bacco e Venere's. It will be a concert with a new and curious acustic band: Laura Zaottini (violin), Luca Viani (bass) and Vittorio De Angelis (drums). Stay Tuned!!!

Music and Art

Alessio created a music for a new artwork: "Bellerofonte vs Chimera, reason and instinct".

A beautiful commission from an amazing idea!

Targa d'Autore

Wins the award for best current album from Targhe d’Autore’ for current music. Performs on stage at the Teatro Elsa Morante in Rome.

Condividi – Live performance

On 24th July at Marco Carpineti’s estate Alessio Pistilli’s album Condividi was performed live alongside the collaborating musicians and accompanied by visuals, videos, projections and colour.

Open Act Niccolo' Fabi

Starring as the opening support act for Niccolo’ Fabi’s tour "Ecco" at the Teatro Cafaro di Latina.

Cucu's concert

On 11th April Alessio will play at Cucu's pub in Latina. It's a little and elegant place where the music is the right solution for your soul.

A new composition for Art

Alessio is busy with a new ambitious work. The composition of new music for the videos that will tell about his new project: iRenaissance

Campus della Musica

Condividi was selected by Campus della Musica for the live performances at Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze.

Condividi Alessio Pistilli

18th February 2015, the second album of Alessio Pistilli is released in all digital stores, a box edition was also released a mix between vinyl and cd containing inside both music and art.

Presentation Album Condividi

At 22.30 a magical evening combining photographs by Francesca Cucchiarelli and the music by the singer songwriter himself.

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