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Alessio was born in 1980 at Velletri, Italy and studied art in college before graduating in Scienze Storico-Artictiche (a combination of art history and applied art science) at Rome at University La Sapienza. A modern figurative painter and sculptor he prefers to paint with oil but is also adept with other mediums. In sculpture he uses marble within mosaics, engravings, classical scale sculpture models and base reliefs. 

Alessio’s artistic expression maintains the teachings from history’s masters but is refreshed and contextualized by the daily life of those who use art to provoke. The provocation of his art is to intentionally leave each piece open to interpretation, inciting you to think and giving the audience the freedom to choose the meaning of each piece.

His latest Project En to Pan (One is All) explores the concept of the Money God. Money not only as a method of payment but also a symbol of power and wealth, limit and dependency.

Alessio has participated in various group exhibitions alonside other well known artists such as

Piero Dorazio, Mimmo Rotella, Antonio Corpora, Ennio Calabria, Pino Pacali and Sante Monachesi.  

Previous exhibitions include Identity Cards, Cori, 2008, Dal Figurativo all’Astratto (From Figurative to the Abstract), Rome, 2009 and in 2010 he organised a solo exhibition at the San Pietro sopra le acque, Historic Residence of Mass Martana.

In 2012 his work was exhibited at the collective contemporary art exhibition in Latina and also in the Galleria Coronari 111 in Rome. 

Alessio’s first UK exhibition was at Architecture and Design Expo 100% in London where his marble sculptures and mosaics were selected for display at a prestigious Italian Design Stand.

In 2016 he organised an interactive audio visual exhibition and theatre event to celebrate the life of acclaimed poet, write and director Pier Paolo Pasolini. Throughout the exhibition a volume of portraits displayed the personality and troubles of this Italian great accompanied by music, film extracts and live performances.

In 2017 he exhibited his art and sculpture within the Fringe Festival of Windsor and created portraits of the conductor Claudio di Meo during live performances at Kings Langley. These works focused on the moment when music, art and nature all blend together into a single effect and emotion that envelops our entire perception. 

Over 2018 he has participated in several exhibitions across Windsor as part of the Windsor Artists Group, most of all at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair in November.

Alessio’s interest in art is more than just the visual aspects, instead his interest and passion mingle with music: “Art knows no boundaries, these simply distance us from the essence of creation”.

From 2019 he works for a new ambitious art exhibition: iRenaissance.

Through the paintings of iRenaissance, he wins the Uozzart Special Prize for the competition "Arts in Rome 2020", exhibiting before in Rome at the Spazio Cima gallery and after in Florence at the OnArt Gallery. He is a finalist at the "Premio Mestre di Pittura 2020" and exhibits at the Candiani Cultural Center in Mestre. Finally he is selected for the final of the "Art Keys Prize" in Agropoli and exhibits at the Angioino-Aragonese Castle.

In October he is a finalist for the "Premio Combat Prize 2021", winning the mention by the jury

Between September and October 2021 he exhibits at the Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome with some canvases from the iRenaissance concept.

In December of the same year he wins the first prize of the "7th Gran Premio dell'Arte" organized by the Passepartout Gallery in Milan, winning a personal exhibition. 

In April 2022 he exhibits in Udine at the Arttime Gallery in a collective exhibition and then from 1 to 30 june in Milano at the Passepartout Unconventinal with a personal exhibition Gallery enjoying great success.

Another exhibition from 18 September to 15 January sees him as the protagonist in Florence at the Merlino Gallery and then, two canvas of iRenaissance will go to London at The Crypt Gallery.

Currently Reflex narcissism (one of the iRenaissance canvases) was selected by the online art sales platform called "Artistico" where everyone can invest and earn money and become co-owner of an artwork of iRenaissance. 

From December 2022 it is on display at the 1758 Venice Art Studio gallery in Venice in collaboration with Tivarnella Art Consulting in Trieste. 

The "Virtual soldier" canvas by iRenaissance has been selected for the "100 Artisti" competition and from 15 to 23 July 2023 will be on display at the historic Palazzo Fani in Tuscania (Viterbo) and in the exhibition catalogue.

Since 8 September it has been on the American art market through the "Bottega '500" catalog drawn up by the Tivarnella Art Gallery and presented at Tribeca New York (USA).

From 16 September to 15 October he is involved in a personal exhibition of the entire iRenaissance collection (paintings and sculptures) at the ancient MUPA Palace, Ginosa Museum (Puglia).

2024 opens with an exhibition at the historic Palazzo Sforza Cesarini in Genzano di Roma, very close to the capital. The solo show, from 27 January to 10 March with all the works produced for iRenaissance, dialogued with the permanent works of the Palace including the canvases of Guercino and Pietro da Cortona and others from the 17th century.

A success followed by the victory of the "She Arts" competition organized by Teelent Art which led to the exhibition of the "Reflex Narcissism" canvas in Milan at the Straf Hotel.

From 23 March to 13 April iRenaissance will be on display in Trieste at the Gallery Tivarnella Art Consulting.

He currently lives and works in Cori (LT)

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