En to Pan: A Greek axiom meaning One is the All and within this collection the focusing on the all encompassing connection we have with the Money God.

Money as a banknote, a method of payment, as an item of ethical, moral, social and cultural value within the life of a human being, an attribute of power and wealth but also of limit and dependence. An addiction that both kidnaps and isolates at the same time. A limiting barrier that doesn’t allow you to climb further (symbolised by the ladder) to rebirth.


We find “the true light of reason” (portrayed within the star on the borders of the canvases) through hidden choices within our conscience. Meeting us on this journey back in time is the Roman God Janus (in Italian Giano Bifronte) who presides over the beginnings and endings of human life, through historical and mythical times, regardless of religion and even presiding over the other Gods themselves: he is the guardian of every aspect of change: clocks showing half past attest to the importance and use that we make of them and of time today; the snake shaped hands on the other hand have  a double meaning representing the Ouroborus symbol of time continuum within the classical world. Instead here they are shown falling to the ground, breaking with the natural cycle of life and then again at the crossroads of the choice between good (white) and bad (black).


As with time technologies also appear as a negative, not because of their objective importance but because of their exaggerated and often incorrect use which is leading us further and further into an isolation of convenience or lulling us into the convenience of isolation.

The space surrounding these symbols is cold, arid and made even more raw by the presence of high walls (the difficulties that must be overcome) and by the dim light stemming from “special lamps” (symbolising temptations) above a man who looks increasingly alone and lost to extent that he has become his own shadow.


“Nothing is left to chance within this collection and no item within the paintings is trivial. I have grasped everything that we have experienced throughout history and interpreted it with morals, symbols and perhaps even in a metaphysical way.

Maybe it won’t change the world, or even just change our human ways but it’s already serving a great purpose if it succeeds in touching the deep notes of our being, our beings which are infinite parts of this universe”.


Alessio Pistilli

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