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iRenaissance: Official Promo

iRenaissance: Documentario

iRenaissance: David - sketch about a sculpture

iRenaissance: Venere - sketch about a sculpture

iRenaissance: Concerto campestre - one more track

iRenaissance: Take my eyes

iRenaissance: Cupido 2.0 - the evolution of love

iRenaissance: The other player

iRenaissance: a new concept

iRenaissance: The death of cleopatra - eternal love

iRenaissance - The light of reason

iRenaissance - The sculptor

iRenaissance - Objet of desire

iRenaissance - Suspended love

iRenaissance - Taking time

iRenaissance - Dream Pilot

iRenaissance - Maternity

iRenaissance - Dama with iPad

iRenaissance - Self[e-control]

iRenaissance - iPortrait

iRenaissance - iThink different

iRenaissance - Virtual soldier

iRenaissance-Naked dependencies

iRenaissance - Connections

My studio

Bellerofonte vs Chimera - reason and instinct

Francesco Porcari - amor vincit omnia

Francesco Porcari - amor vincit omnia


En to Pan - power and wealth, limit and dependence

colored powder...and water

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