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Alessio and the giant swing

Meanwhile Alessio creates a contemporary work of art called “Otium”. A giant swing (more than 7 m high) created for the Antoniana Park in Sermoneta (LT) where "Limito", the largest labyrinth/vineyard in the world, is located.  


iRenaissance in Turin

Three works by iRenaissance have been selected for the final of the Artàporter Arte Prize and will be exhibited at the ancient Rocca di Arignano from 6th of June. The winner will be announced that day, fingers crossed!


Live-music for iRenaissance

On 10th March h 18:00 Alessio will play in amazing location, Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, for the finissage of his art exhibition iRenaissance. It will be a concert shared with the songwriter Giulia Briziarelli and their musicians. Don't miss it!!!

Live mostra.JPG

iRenaissance in Genzano di Roma

Finally iRenaissance will be exhibit in an amazing, historic palace in Genzano di Roma very close in Rome: Palazzo Sforza Cesarini. It will be a long exhibition 27/01 to 10/03. The party start on Saturday 27 January 17:30!!! See you there


iRenaissance in Puglia

From 16 September to 15 October Alessio is present at a personal exhibition of the entire iRenaissance collection (paintings and sculptures) at the ancient Palazzo MUPA, Ginosa Museum (Puglia).



News from iRenaissance!!! The new canvas is ready! "Take my eyes" has finally been drawn and the video is online on youtube by clicking here.  Watch the video,  leave your comment and share it. Thank you!



A new canvas for iRenaissance! "Enjoy (Still Life IV)" will be the new artwork ready to be painted. It's the new still life of the new series and represents a rich table with an iPad projecting a good plate of meat. Watch the video here.



VENERE is finally ready!!! The second sketch for iRenaissance sculptures is ready to be transformed to human size. It will be the second in a long series of works that will enrich the concept of iRenaissance making it more interesting. The classic reinterpreted. Watch the video here.


iRenaissance In London

Here we are!!! The "On Tour" exhibition at The Crypt Gallery will be inaugurated on Saturday 17 December. iRenaissance will be present with 6 canvases!!! 6 canvases that will represent Alessio's vision in London. Gratitude



It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce the new iRenaissance exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in London from 17th to 21st December. 6 canvases will be exhibited in this beautiful gallery. Incredible!!!



David is ready!!! The first sketch for the first iRenaissance sculpture is ready to be transformed to human size. It will be the first in a long series of works that will enrich the concept of iRenaissance making it more interesting. Watch the video here.

Schermata video.jpg

iRenaissance in Milano

Alessio will exhibits at the Passepartout Unconventional Gallery in Milan from 1 to 30 of June with 13 canvases of iRenaissance. It will be other personal exhibition during the Milano Art and Design week. Visit the exhibition!



News from iRenaissance! Alessio made the first scene for the concept. The title is "CUPIDO 2.0 - the evolution of love". Thanks to little Davide for having posed for this new idea. Watch the video and listen to the music here.. Stay tuned!



"Objet of desire" is the new canvas about iRenaissance. The poor girl wlaks among the market but cannot buy a iphone. The desire on her eyes. Watch the video here.



The winner is...Alessio Pistilli with "The social kiss".

Alessio win the 7th Gran Premio dell'Arte, an award that certifies the validity of the iRenaissance project and projects it once again in the international context. 



Monday 20th September Alessio will be interviewed by Radio Onde Furlane to talk about iRenaissance and the news of the latest canvases. Stay Tuned!


iRenaissance in Rome

Great News!!! "Dama with iPad" and "Brave nudity" will be exhibited at the Rossocinabro Gallery for the months of September and October. Finally iRenaissance arrives in Rome, the capital of the world!



The press review for iRenaissance's presentation was rich! Newspapers and online magazines have talked a lot and have enjoyed success for this new art concept. Gratitude to "Segnonline", "Messaggero", "Latina Oggi", "Uozzart", "NewTuscia"...



Out now!!! The iRenaissance - Official Promo is finally on youtube. The video presents the concept in all its parts. The images are edited by Giuseppe Guratti and Alessio, the music by Alessio. 

Watch it and thanks for sharing!!!



Let's start! How was iRenaissance born? How are my ideas born? What are my points of reference?
All this and more in the unpublished interview of the Cultural Magazine #uozzart from the pen of the journalist Salvo Cagnazzo.



News from iRenaissance! Alessio is producing many things about iRenaissance' concept. A new video on Maternity (the new canvas), a trailer on a documentary about him and his artworks in Cori. 

Stay tuned!



Dama with iPhone is a finalist (among 900 artists) in the international painting competition Premio Mestre Pittura 2020. The canvas will be exhibited at the Centro Culturale Candiani di Mestre from 4 September to 4 October. Fingers crossed!!!

Dama with iPhone.JPG


Virtual soldier is the new canvas for iRenaissance's concept that Alessio is making this year. During this delicate moment of quarantine. we can find new ideas to live days after days. Watch the video about this canvas and stay home!


Bellerofonte vs Chimera
reason and instinct

A special commission for an inspired patron portraying the myth of Bellerofonte vs Chimera. The painting is set within a recognisably Italian landscape and contains a number of symbols and items relevant to the client.

IMG_8279 2.jpeg

L'uomo per l'uomo
amor vincit omnia

From the 18th – 25th November Alessio will be in Cori, Italy, as part of a solo exhibition dedicated to Maestro Francesco Porcari which will be displayed within the event celebrating this master of Art.


Windsor Fringe Festival

Alessio is participating in the Open Artist House weekend on the 29th and 30th September when throughout the UK many artists open the doors to their studios and houses transforming the space into a gallery.


iRenaissance in Rome

Wow!!! A new appreciation towards iRenaissance!!! The Pantaneo Cultural Association has selected "Naked Dependencies" for the collective exhibition called Simposio which will be inaugurated on 22nd of June in Rome. Gratitude!!!


iRenaissance in Trieste

On 23th March h 18:30 Alessio will present for the first time iRenaissance in the Gallery Tivarnella Art Consulting of Trieste. A new art exhibition for this concept that is growing more and more! Alessio and his works await you.



A new interview for iRenaissance thanks to the beautiful words and photos by Sofia Bucci. I invite you to make yourself comfortable and read while also enjoying some images of the installation in the Palazzo Sforza Cesarini di Genzano. Read here



The first religious scene for the concept is finally ready! The title is "AETERNUM" and represents the Devil's temptations to Jesus in the desert. Click here for the video!


iRenaissance in New York

Since 8 September it has been on the American art market through the "Bottega '500" catalog drawn up by the Tivarnella Art Gallery and presented at Tribeca, New York (USA).



The "Virtual soldier" canvas by iRenaissance has been selected for the 100 Artisti competition and from 15 to 23 July 2023 will be on display at the historic Palazzo Fani in Tuscania (Viterbo) and in the exhibition catalogue.


iRenaissance in Venice

The official presentation of Alessio and iRenaissance at the 1758 Venice Art Studio gallery in Venice was a success. 10 canvases are exhibited on the gallery walls including the last canvas "iPortrait", his self-portrait. Go visit the gallery! 


iRenaissance in Venice

iRenaissance is on the road again! Until June 2023 it will be exhibited in the 1758 Venice Art Studio gallery in Venice. On March 25, then, Alessio will be present together with a selection of contemporary artists from the gallery. Do not miss!



Another scene from iRenaissance is ready to be presented to the public. Inspired at "I Bari" by Caravaggio, The other player is online on youtube. You will be impressed by his interpretation. Watch the video here and sharing! 


iRenaissance in Florence

It's true!!! iRenaissance will be on display from 18 September to 15 January at the Merlino Gallery in Florence. "La culla del Rinascimento italiano" will host the paintings giving them the right cultural context. Pure emotion!



Good news!!! Reflex narcissism was selected by the online art sales platform called Artistico where everyone can invest and earn money and become co-owner of an artwork of iRenaissance. What are you waiting for? Have a good auction!



The second scene is ready for iRenaissance! "The death of Cleopatra - eternal love" will be the new artwork ready to be painted. It's trapresent one of the must important women in the cultural history  of Egypt. Watch the video here.


iRenaissance in Udine

Alessio will exhibits at the Arttime Gallery in Udine from 1 to 14 of April with 4 canvases of iRenaissance. It will be the first collective exhibition with other artists. Visit the exhibition!



A new canvas for iRenaissance! "The sculptor" will be the new artwork ready to be painted. It's the first portrait of the new series and rapresent a digital sculptor with viewer an joysticks. Watch the video here.



Alessio exhibits at the MADXI (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Latina with the canvases of EN TO PAN. What are you waiting for? Visit the exhibition!


iRenaissance in Rome

From 20th September to 11th October Rossocinabro Gallery will present its new artists in a group exhibition curated by Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini. Super newsssssss



The documentary about iRenaissance is on youtube, by the videomaker Giuseppe Guratti and with music by Maestro Claudio di Meo. It's a little trip to get to know Alessio's poetics. Stay tuned!



Finally iRenaissance will be presented on 3-4 of July in the Museo della città e del Territorio of Cori (LT). The inauguration will take place on Saturday 3 July at 5:30 pm. Do not miss!!!

locandina iRenaissance.jpg


A new canvas for iRenaissance! "Suspended love" will be the new artwork ready to be painted. It's the second portrait about Tania (the model) and rapresent the moment where she receive a message, a surprise.



News from iRenaissance! Alessio made a new canvas and video promotion for iRenaissance' concept. The title is "Dream Pilot". Thanks to little Giacomo for posing for this new idea. Now, we wait for the paint job. Stay tuned!



Wow!!!!! And 3!!! Virtual soldier is a finalist in the international painting competition Art Keys Prize The canvas will be exhibited at the Castello Angioino Aragonese di Agropoli from 10th to 18th October. Fingers crossed!!!



Connections is a finalist in the international painting competition Arts in Rome 2020. The canvas will be exhibited at the Spazio Cima Gallery from 15 to 22 September in Rome and at the OnArt Gallery from 3 to 10 October in Florence. Stay tuned!

IMG_2219 (1).jpeg


iRenaissance is the new ambitious artwork. The new canvases are based on the hypothetical question: "What would have happened if our modern technology existed in the Renaissance?"

Stay tuned...


The exhibition on Francesco Porcari was a success!

The unique exhibition about Francesco Porcari recently held in Italy was a huge success. The popular event meant many people saw and appreciated Alessio's artwork set in the atmospheric and historical setting of Cori.


Windsor Contemporary Art Fair Exhibition

From the 9th – 11th November Alessio’s latest collection of ten canvases focussing on the Greek Axiom En to Pan (One is All) will be exhibited alongside fellow members of the group But is it Art.


Queen Charlotte Exhibition

Together with the But is it art? group Alessio exhibits a series of his most recent work including items covering the Royal Wedding within the Queen Charlotte.

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