News from iRenaissance! Alessio is producing many things about iRenaissance' concept. A new video on Maternity (the new canvas), a trailer on a documentary about him and his artworks in Cori. 

Stay tuned!


Dama with iPhone is a finalist (among 900 artists) in the international painting competition Premio Mestre Pittura 2020. The canvas will be exhibited at the Centro Culturale Candiani di Mestre from 4 September to 4 October. Fingers crossed!!!


Virtual soldier is the new canvas for iRenaissance's concept that Alessio is making this year. During this delicate moment of quarantine. we can find new ideas to live days after days. Watch the video about this canvas and stay home!

Bellerofonte vs Chimera

reason and instinct

A special commission for an inspired patron portraying the myth of Bellerofonte vs Chimera. The painting is set within a recognisably Italian landscape and contains a number of symbols and items relevant to the client.

L'uomo per l'uomo

amor vincit omnia

From the 18th – 25th November Alessio will be in Cori, Italy, as part of a solo exhibition dedicated to Maestro Francesco Porcari which will be displayed within the event celebrating this master of Art.

Windsor Fringe Festival

Alessio is participating in the Open Artist House weekend on the 29th and 30th September when throughout the UK many artists open the doors to their studios and houses transforming the space into a gallery.


Wow!!!!! And 3!!! Virtual soldier is a finalist in the international painting competition Art Keys Prize The canvas will be exhibited at the Castello Angioino Aragonese di Agropoli from 10th to 18th October. Fingers crossed!!!


Connections is a finalist in the international painting competition Arts in Rome 2020. The canvas will be exhibited at the Spazio Cima Gallery from 15 to 22 September in Rome and at the OnArt Gallery from 3 to 10 October in Florence. Stay tuned!


iRenaissance is the new ambitious artwork. The new canvases are based on the hypothetical question: "What would have happened if our modern technology existed in the Renaissance?"

Stay tuned...

The exhibition on Francesco Porcari was a success!

The unique exhibition about Francesco Porcari recently held in Italy was a huge success. The popular event meant many people saw and appreciated Alessio's artwork set in the atmospheric and historical setting of Cori.

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair Exhibition

From the 9th – 11th November Alessio’s latest collection of ten canvases focussing on the Greek Axiom En to Pan (One is All) will be exhibited alongside fellow members of the group But is it Art.

Queen Charlotte Exhibition

Together with the But is it art? group Alessio exhibits a series of his most recent work including items covering the Royal Wedding within the Queen Charlotte.

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